CSS Wizard

CSS Wizard

CSS Wizard is a web page developing tools to create web pages with CSS code
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CSS Wizard is a web page developing tools set that helps user to create complex web pages without having deep programming skills.
User selects the required page layout out of the propossed by the application, by clicking on one of the standard layouts shown or a template masters set. Web page designers can bring in their own projected layouts in XHTML.

Selected contents will then dragged and dropped in the required position. The code can be customized by right clicking on it to make the code appear so it can be edited or modified.

Generated codes are saved and can be later reused or changed to customized by the user.

The style sheets included as examples will help any user to define which one meets the required needs. Also, they can be changed as well as the generated ones.

For registered users there are more examples available from the Internet home page.

Each area can be customized by setting colors and sizes, backgrounds and pictures, to match the designer idea. Expert designers can refine the custom look of the design, after all the creation time, but with a good time saving.

Text format can be customized as well, setting text formats and using H1 and H2 structures.

CSS Wizard easy the process of creating static, active and live buttons conditions and inserting images to them.

User can also specify pictures frame and border and import pictures within frames. The necessary code for images is always included in the stylesheet examples so, if the user doesn´t need pictures, simply has to remove the image corresponding code.

The application offers control on the columns and tables color and layout in CSS2 standards.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Many design options and examples


  • The given instructions are a little complex and no so easy to understand for beginners
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